Reading Roundup: On the Contrary… | Day 21/30

Unpopular Opinions

We live in a filter bubble aided by algorithms that customize our online experiences to only access or encounter information and opinions that conform to and reinforce our own beliefs. 

Enter the contrarian.  

→The free thinker who is not averse to popular ideas and personalities by virtue of their popularity.

→The Devil’s advocate who lives to stir the pot. 

→The Reverse Contrarian who assumes a conflicting position to an already existing backlash against a contrary opinion. 

→Arbitrary Contrarian who disagrees just for the heck of it. 

Being a contrarian came into fashion, lost its initial meaning which entailed reasoning independently and resisting pressure to conform, left and is back again as potent as ever. I am not saying the “Unpopular Opinion” trend that went on for over a month on Twitter had a bunch of contrarians pulling from each other’s energies with no judgment, but it could well be.  

You can spot the patron saint of contrarians from afar. They revel in trolling with inflammatory views to go viral or something like that. 

However, people do actually have an opposing view or opinion that is well informed or justified.

Whichever way you look at it, everybody has a right to an opinion, which is still subject to rejection or approval. It’s “part of life.”

So sit back, suspend judgment while reading the pieces and try to embrace an alternative perspective because today’s reading roundup is a curation of unpopular opinions.


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