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Each new year comes with projects so big, so scary that we cannot wait to launch. This has been the case, especially in the rather busy content creation scene here in Kenya. We’ve seen more and more people taking up new projects to occupy online space and be seen or heard. We are here for all of it.

So to everyone who took the leap and just hit START, we appreciate you. I have come across amazing podcasts on the block and not so amazing, but who is to judge? With online trend predictions heavily tilting towards visual content, is there any room left for this audio medium that’s picking up rather steadily?

I’ll be taking on this vibrant industry that’s already changing the media landscape by sharing the latest podcasting news and, once in a while, make podcast reviews. Over time I’ll also talk about podcast production, distribution, monetization, audience, and podcasting gear.

My love for podcasts goes beyond an itch I would love to scratch forever. I’m convinced one of my passions is listening to podcasts and recommending them to my people, lol. This tradition is most likely permanent; in the future, you’ll see why. Storytelling draws me first to any content I consume and probably the only quality that can make me power through a shitty episode of my favorite podcaster.

Discover other great podcast creators in the game

It was surprising to see that most Kenyans had no idea Kenyan Podcasters even exist when I mentioned my listens for the year (2018). Podcasting as an industry has been quite stagnant for a long time until recent years when it started gaining traction. Anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone can access this medium that’s increasingly going visual as well, by the number of video podcasts you come across daily.

Not a day passes without someone complaining about how poor the content creation space in Kenya is. I’m looking forward to seeing this one grow beyond our wildest dreams. Something has got to give, right? Media personalities have also jumped in, and I can see why. One can hope the next quarters will attract ordinary podcast listeners like me to produce podcasts.

This is such an amazing site for podcast creators and listeners

Not necessarily infiltrate the space but nurture it with meaningful conversations. We start off our Podcast Profile Series with an overview of the new kids on the block. Specifically, the Kenyan Podcasts that launched this year:

The Blaze Podcast

Afripod’s consistent promotion of the Blaze Podcast that airs weekly is how I bumped into it. Hosted by Buddha Blaze and Jinx, this is one of the more consistent podcasts ever since launched. The focus is on African Music, Culture, and Entertainment. You can find them on Youtube under What’s Good Networks and, of course, Afripods. 

Notable Episode – Ep7 

Melanin Medicine

Hosted by Nkiro, it’s a podcast about everything, as she says. She is such a great conversationalist, so you’ll definitely enjoy any topic she delves into. She started on Soundcloud but moved to Anchor, which means you can find her most probably on your favourite podcast app.

Notable Episode – My Crisis in Faith

Legally Clueless

Adelle Onyango is one of the radio/media personalities who joined the podcasting world and slotted in seamlessly. She also stresses how clueless she is with the direction the podcast will take, but 3 episodes in, and you kind of pick the pattern. I’m looking forward to more candid conversations on self-growth, awareness, and mental health. You can find the episodes on Soundcloud or her website.

Notable Episode – Battling Grief 

The Friendverse Podcast

Two friends Wandia and Ciiku, explore thought-provoking conversations that range from friendships (duh) heartbreak to the internet of things… Definitely one of my favourite new podcasts. It’s available on your favourite podcast apps as well. They also do audio uploads on Youtube.

Notable Episode – Fat. So?

Paukwa Stories

Perhaps the Tembea Kenya of Podcasts. Narrated by different people, Paukwa showcases the 47 counties in the first season in such a positive light. I like my podcasts beyond the 15-minute mark, so a less than 5 min episode on people, platforms, and products feels like a rip-off to me. Also available on the major apps.

Notable Episode – Tana River

Sisi Watatu 

As the name suggests, the podcast comprises three peers (Lee, Richie Spice, and Jesse) who are big on social commentary with recurring themes such as pop culture, entertainment, food, etc. If you’re into interview podcasts such as The Omenerds and Otherwise? Then you’ll enjoy it as they sometimes host guests on their show. Also, their intro is quite catchy. Find them on your favorite podcast app or their website.

Notable Episode – Blogging, public takedowns, and trains

The Dickens Olewe Podcast 

Yet another well-produced podcast by a journalist. He mostly interviews his fellow journalists on reporting, digital media, data journalism, and misinformation. 

Notable Episode – John Allan Namu on the Dusit Attack 

This That and More 

A podcast on current affairs and legal matters with everything in between. Available on most podcast apps.

Notable Episode – Is Jumia an African Company?

So We Were Drunk

A hilarious take on pop culture and social commentary in general. Hosted by Shako, Nelly, and Kenya over a glass of something. Available on most podcast apps.

Notable Episode – Natalie Tewa and Raisins (Rnaze) – The Real Tea 

The Blunt Truth 

Hosted by Radio Presenter Anita Raey and producer CK who invoke blunt commentary on social matters. The episodes are available on your favourite podcast apps. 

Notable Episode – Abusive Relationships 

The Kisscapades Podcast 

On location Artcaffe, this is a conversational podcast hosted by The Kiss Bandit with guests engaging in matters lifestyle and content creation every week. He is very consistent with his Youtube uploads, and you can also find him on the Facebook page.

Notable Episode – Art of Photography: Advice to upcoming Photographers with Mutua Matheka

The Ndungu Report 

Agostine Ndung’u has a way with words, so it’s not surprising that I went on a binge for this one. He reminds me of Evelyn Wambui’s storytelling on The Human Interest Podcast. It’s available on all podcast apps.

Notable Episode – My Nairobi: Hard to get in, Hard to get out

Tales of the Sippa Men 

Hosted by Kinoti and Tamara, they bring in different guests to discuss those controversial issues in the social scene. Tamara’s rehab escapades are interesting, and Kinoti holds his own with the random stories that pop up mid interviews. Audio episodes are uploaded on their Youtube channel.

Notable Episode – A Proper Babe in Society Part 2

No Idea 

Right off the bat, it’s her guest list that drew my curiosity. Too Early for Birds crew feature heavily on Miss Janet Kadzitu’s first season, where they have random conversations on just about anything – adulting being a constant. It’s available on all podcast apps. 

Notable Episode – Adulting 101 

Kenyan Mama Tales 

This is Carol Oyola’s first episode, but I had to slot it in as it sounds promising. Plus, I like her blog. She speaks on shared human experiences and womanhood. It’s available on most podcast apps. 

Notable Episode – Identity – Who are you?

Surviving Nairobi 

A podcast hosted by Ivy and Hafare features a conversation with guests on how to navigate life in Capital, including cost-cutting tips, among other things. Ivy stays on brand by providing a playlist at the end of each episode. It’s a fairly new podcast on their 3rd episode and is available on Anchor, Mixcloud, and Spotify.

Notable Episode – Nairobi! Nairobi! 

Sip & Banter 

Themed around diaspora conversations dissect the current state of pop culture and more, with a slightly comedic bend. Hosted by J-Bug and Nalotu, and it’s available on all platforms. 

Notable Episode – I Don’t Gym.

Motherhood Podcast 

Produced by The Portable Voices and hosted by radio journalist Veronica Kaveza, it’s perhaps the only podcast that focuses on providing its audience with material from experts on pregnancy, maternal and child health, reproductive health, etc., so this is refreshing. Hoping to hear more on issues surrounding maternal deaths that have become rampant this year. It is available on Soundcloud and the Portable Voices website.

Notable Episode – Antenatal Clinic: What to do next when you get Pregnant

The Mics are Open 

This is one of the most random-but-not-really podcasts I’ve listened to hosted by radio personalities GMoney, Calvin, and Andy. You would mistake it for an extension of GMITM, except that they don’t cuss and definitely do not explore some of the controversial topics mentioned here. It’s available on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Notable Episode – Rabbit Meat feat King Kaka

Calling All Queers 

A creation and extension of the Kenyan Baby Dyke blog, and it is managed by Hola Africa. Linda has such a bubbly personality, which permeates through the stories she shares on sex, sexuality, stereotypes, and livelihoods. The podcast is available on Soundcloud. 

Notable Episode – Masculinity & Feminity


Special mention to Moringa School Podcast started in December 2018, and the focus is on technology. Also, Living Truthfully by Amani Maranga started around the same time. It’s the Art of Manliness-esque

Look out for more in-depth insights on our next reviews. You can also suggest which podcasts you would want to be reviewed, and I’ll do the honors. 


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