Unearthing Favorites from the Parenting Podcast Pile

Unearthing Favorites from the Parenting Podcast Pile

Podcasts have become such a thing right now that you can’t ignore them. The swell had been building over the years. After Serial’s Classic fill, my yearn for such a Podcast has been immeasurable. Beyond the Serial Afterglow, You always want something authentic that tells a story, accessible and intimate. There’s so much information out there about parenting, but it’s always not enough for some reason. So we seek out more avenues to fill our emptiness to calm our fears to steer us on.

That’s what podcasts do for me. The unfiltered form is what resonates with me. They are also easier to consume on busy days. Their growth has been modest but growth nonetheless. Admittedly I have thought about joining the cast, but the thing with such thoughts is they’re just that. Thoughts, until I act upon them. Every podcast lover likes a collection of those. They’re never enough. Unearthing favorites, though? Takes actual listening. Something we all wish we had more time for. So here’s my act of kindness for the month if you are looking for a parenting podcast.

1. Find the appropriate host from the now crowded ecosystem of distribution tools.

Stitcher, iTunes, Castbox, acast, SoundCloud, to name but a few. Don’t be like me, who can’t decide on just one. Actually, be like me. Variety is good. Your search power doubles down.

2. Ask our good friend Google.

Amazing how call-out culture has evolved. I shall scold you for not knowing something, but I shall not teach you, do your googles, sir. I bet the list is super long and looks like a mess. Who has the time to go over these countless listicles? Worry not; that’s what I am here for.

3. Ignore Google. Seriously. 

At this point, you may choose to settle for the ones curated by the app’s categories. We choose not.

stitcher podcast stations

4. These should be your go-to mediums.

Subreddits, Quora, Medium. Forums where actual people (ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves) take their time after a long day of scouring through the internet junk to come up with filtered suggestions. That’s where it’s at. Twitter serves the same purpose. Look through the recommended threads you bump into once in a while.

5. Remember those platforms you settled on?

Type search this highly recommended list and discover your new sensation for the morning commute. Below are my favorite parenting podcasts in 2018.

  • The Birth Hour

Childbirth storytelling at its finest. Guests narrating details on Dilatation, Induction, Modes of delivery, Rupture of membranes, Labor Progress.. all that not so scary stuff.

Perfect For – Moms in their 3rd trimester.

Pick – Eight Unmedicated Stories 

  • The Birthful Podcast

Adriana Lozada, a doula and sleep consultant herself, talks to other experts on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum issues. Thoroughly researched conversations.

Pick – Value of Post Partum Stories 

  • The longest shortest time 

This baby podcast by Hillary frank now covers all demographics. Literally a parenting show for everyone. Parents and non-parents get to tell their interesting tales through her voice.

Pick – The Weird History of Judgy Parenting 

  • Stuff mom never told you.

Bridget and Emily talk candidly about pretty much anything womanhood, gender, sex, etc. And yes, they aren’t moms yet. Before you scoff, have a listen. The topics are broad enough.

Perfect For – Women in general.

Picks – How Sponsored Content Killed the Mommy Internet 

  • Atomic Moms

Elie Knaus covers a wide range of topics in motherhood. The raw content is what I love about her.

Perfect For – Every mom

Pick – Cut the Crap and Get Organized stands out for me. They threw a jab at Marie Kondo’s decluttering too. Uh oh.

  • Respectful Parenting – Unruffled  

Janet Lansbury offers amazing advice to questions asked by parents on toddler defiance, which my son has already showcased in sneak previews.

Perfect For – Moms with toddlers.

Picks – You are Not the Boss of Me 

  • The Mom Hour

Hosted by Meagan and Sarah. I love their advice on how to just let go of the Comparison Trap.

Perfect For – Parents with babies right through to teenagers.

Pick – Busting Dad Stereotypes 

  • The Dad Podcast 

Comedian dad shares his views from the dad side of life. Guests pop in too. He’s hilarious and sick of his kids, lol.

Pick – Tell me more Grandpa. 

  • One Bad Mother 

A comedy podcast by biz and Theresa, who lighten the mood and ease the pressures we place upon ourselves. Take home is don’t take yourself that seriously even when knee-deep in parenthood.

Perfect For – When you need a good laugh here and a chuckle there.

Pick – Rewards of Parenting – Do You feel Rewarded Yet? 

  • The Honestly Adoption Podcast 

Mike and Kristen Berry have honest thoughts on the adoption journey helped with guests on the show. Mike has a book out. They have 8 adopted children.

Perfect For – Parents wanting to adopt and those who already have.

Pick – How to Love a Child Who doesn’t Love You back. 

  • How To Be A Girl

Mom decides to document the journey of raising a transitioning child who at 3 told her she “feels like a girl.” The candid conversations are too awesome.

Pick – The Interview, where we get insight into her life. Her self-awareness is something every parent would be proud of.

  • Mom and Dad are Fighting 

An obvious Slate Favorite in the Pod world. Two dads and One mom discussing just anything.

Perfect For – Everyone

Pick – Your Life is Terrible Edition 

Special Mention to Unexceptional Moms for special needs children and The Baby Mamas Podcast.  

6. Indulge.

7. Do One Podcast at a time.

Yes, we love listening to new stuff all at once, but that’s not how to settle for your kid-heavy Content. Take your time. Go through almost all the available episodes. Your cheekbones will hurt from all the laughs. Your tissue roll might take a dent. Your chuckles will be more pronounced. Most importantly, You will relate to these moms. Your dad outlook will have shifted a little. You shall have several takeaways too.

8. Lament about how there’s no representation for the Kenyan demographic. 

We seriously need podcasts for Afro moms, dear content creators.

9. Create Your Playlist.

I bet it’s such a treat, right?

10. Don’t thank me. Share anyway. 


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