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Anyone who still stands strong in the face of adversity and dictatorships is my inspiration. Anyone whose mere existence is spreading humility even when swamped by massive winnings has my heart. Anyone who uses their platform and voice for a good cause has my ear. Anyone who doesn’t practise quitting has my time. 

This is a roundup of 5 African inspirations who are as bold as they come and thrive on making the world a better place despite challenges, whether through Activism, Sport or Philanthropy.

1. Eliud Kipchoge: I feel tasked to break the two-hour barrier

The world’s greatest marathon runner is having a go at breaking the two-hour marathon barrier yet again, this year! After the Breaking2 attempt in 2017 where he was just 26 seconds shy of breaking the two-hour barrier, Eliud Kipchoge still believes he can be the first man to dip under the iconic time. The man never gives up and his record speaks for itself.

Here is a 1: 59 minute video of the 5 reasons the great Kenyan believes he can succeed.  



2. Alaa Salah: The World is Silent

Around April, we were introduced to the Incredible story behind the viral image Image of activist Alaa Salah, 22. She became the symbol of anti-government protests that led to the Bashir ouster and it’s inspiring to see her still firm in her convictions even during this #SudanUprising. Many have been arrested, beaten killed or raped. The Internet has been shut down. We should all amplify the voices of the resilient Sudanese faithful.  



3. Bobi Wine: I’ve been blessed with a loud voice that communicates

Bobi Wine who has been widely recognised, both at home and abroad as the face for change in Uganda has not been shy about declaring his presidential intentions. Will the people rally behind him when they cross the bridge though? 


4. Caster Semenya: I’ll never take drugs

Switzerland’s Federal Supreme Court (SFT) rejected the IAAF’s request to re-impose its new rules on the 800m Olympic champion. The South African can compete until at least 25th June when IAAF is expected to respond to the suspense of effect.

Caster Semenya told IAAF to focus on dopers instead after winning a 200m race in Paris. I absolutely love her stance and the support she’s been getting back home. If only Kenya would learn what support means. Our athletes in similar scenario deserved better. 



5. Wangari Maathai: For once they listen  

The late Wangari Maathai, the iconic Kenyan inspiration, the first ever African woman to get Nobel Peace Prize, Human Rights & Democracy defender, and all-round awesome human being (I could go on and on) left a legacy that, in my books, cannot be topped. 

The Wangari Maathai Foundation will outlive us as it should. I leave you with a compilation of her memorable moments and interactions.  




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      June 14, 2019 / 11:38 pm

      She’s a treasure

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